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5 Benefits of Working with a Family Business

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Every company is different in the way that they conduct business, but family-owned companies are especially unique. A company like Étanchéité Totale will show you just how much they set themselves apart from their competitors, because they hold family values so dear to them. One value that they consider to be vital is trust, and for that reason they ensure that their work is done well the first time — meaning they don’t get any callbacks for repairs or redos. They spend extra time (and sometimes money) to do the job right, and their customers continue to rely on them for this reason. They’re honest people doing honest work, and naturally you can always trust companies with that mentality.

There are several reasons why you should invest in family-owned businesses, but here are five big ones:

  1. They hold strong values

When dealing with a new company, it’s hard to know if you can trust them. When the company is family-owned, however, it’s that much more likely that you can. Because their company name is intertwined with their family legacy and values such as respect, honesty, and dedication, become absolutely essential to the company’s success. They have the opportunity to instill these values into the next generation, and then the next, and so forth — becoming stronger, and stronger as the generations continue. Therefore, their work culture is a direct reflection of their family values, and they not only treat all of their employees with this in mind but especially their customers.

In an interview with Étanchéité Totale’s very own Roger and Alain Leroux, Alain stressed how important it was to cater to their customers like family, “We understand the people’s problems, and knowing full well that our customer is a single mother with three children; we make damn sure that our price isn’t breaking the bank for her. We’re honest people who do honest work.

When you represent your family name, your parents, or your grandparents, you’re likely putting your best foot forward in every possible scenario and helping those who need it most.

  1. They have a natural synergy

Family businesses are quite used to each other, which gives them an advantage in the workplace. They know how and when to push each other, how each individual particularly works and their limitations. Formalities are less important than the task at hand, and family businesses are especially productive because they’re able to effectively communicate. Interestingly enough, even nonrelated employees become a part of the family regardless of their last name and the natural chemistry continues to build within the organization. When working with a family business, expect to see people genuinely caring for each other, providing help without expecting anything in return and sticking together through highs and lows.

  1. They are conditioned by nature AND nurture

We’ve all heard the expression: nature vs. nurture, and it’s safe to say that both of these terms apply when considering family businesses. It’s more likely that entrepreneurial skills become innate within families that run their own businesses. But also, children who are introduced to business at an early age, quickly learn the ins-and-outs of the company — becoming enthralled by its possibility. This makes them exceptional prospects, and as before mentioned, the fact that their blood runs deep into the roots of the company makes them work that much harder to continue their legacy.

  1. They commit to the cause

When there is a team that is rooted in family values, they are committed to their mission. This is true for both related and nonrelated employees, because companies who truly uphold these values treat everyone with the same respect. Therefore, all employees of the company become connected and more involved in their work. This involvement usually trickles into their nonprofessional lives as well. So, the team not only works on bettering the company during work hours but off hours too! Employees who are treated like family are overall happier and work harder — making the job site a place where the physical work is done, however, the mind and heart are working overtime.

  1. They have a leg up on ‘next-gen’ advancement

Everything is constantly changing in the business world, and successful companies know that they must adapt or better yet, get ahead of the game. This is where the next generation becomes integral to the advancement of a family business because it is extremely important to reach the youth market, and who better to achieve this connection than the next generation? It is impertinent to keep up with today’s market, and strategizing is constantly shifting in order to do so. Next gen knowledge within a family business is especially advantageous because the younger relatives will feel more comfortable to speak up and impart insights on new ways to do things.

Family businesses like Étanchéité Totale are trustworthy, reliable, and generally pleasant to work with. Before making a decision to work with someone, consider their values. If they hold family values, they will likely treat you like family. And honestly, who else would be better to give you a hand?

On that final note — for all your water and air sealant needs (and everything else that they do) call Étanchéité Totale to do the job well and for a reasonable price.  

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