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3 Reasons Why Investing in Waterproofing Will Save Your Home (and Wallet)

Home Unclassified 3 Reasons Why Investing in Waterproofing Will Save Your Home (and Wallet)

Whether you want to sell your home, or keep it looking (and feeling) brand-new — waterproofing is a must. In most cases, this necessity is neglected and when that happens, a variety of reparations need to be done (which can cost you an arm and a leg).

Find out whether or not your home needs waterproofing! Because chances are it does, and with that — find the specialists who know what they’re doing.

Here you can find 3 big reasons why waterproofing is a home-saver:

  1. A Strong Foundation is Everything

We’ve all heard this advice before: “First, build a strong foundation.” And this is especially true for your home (it’s where the metaphor comes from!). If we take Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and apply it to your household, the foundation (along with a roof over your head and walls to shield you) is the first stage of the pyramid. But you don’t need just any foundation, you need a solid one — one that will save your home from cracks and leaks.

This is where saviors like the Étanchéité Totale team come in. They can excavate along the walls of the foundation and strengthen it from the outside using a waterproof sealant. At the same time, they can also repair the draining system to make sure everything will be running smoothly. This way, your home will be protected from water and soil pressure — keeping away unwanted mold from the inside of your abode, which leads to the next big reason.

  1. Prevent Mold from Inviting Itself In

No one wants the company of mold, but if your home is poorly sealed, mold will present itself (invitation or not). The lack of attention to your water-sealant needs is the invitation! So, be very careful and make sure that both your foundation and draining system are properly protected and well-kept. Otherwise you risk the infestation of hazardous mold, which has proven to be quite lethal to those that breathe it in. Black mold, for instance, is extremely dangerous for your children, your pets, and even adults like yourselves (this stuff is detrimental to everyone’s health).

Here are some signs that you may be dealing with mold:

  •   A musty smell in your basement.
  •   Powder-looking and/or furry patches on your walls or floors (check under your carpets) with a color that ranges from green to black.
  •   If you have concrete walls or flooring, water or efflorescence may appear (which looks like a white crystalline accumulation). This means there is water seeping in, and salt is forming on the surface.
  •   Water pooling on your floor.

If you see anything like this, call a water-sealant specialist like Étanchéité Totale! The accumulation of mold can cause a sinus infection, irritation of the eyes, shortness of breath/asthma and even allergic reactions.

  1. Increase the Worth of Your Home

Of course, the value of your home is quite important, and keeping it safe from these hazardous outcomes makes it even more worthwhile. and keeping it safe from these hazardous outcomes makes it even more worthwhile. One of the first things buyers look at is the foundation of their potential home, because if that aspect is unkept then the entire home is at risk for a bounty of problems (expensive problems, at that). Investing in waterproofing has been shown to increase return on investment by an impressive 30%. You never know when you may sell your house, and it feels great knowing that your home is worth the investment from interested buyers. Nonetheless, waterproofing saves you from breaking the bank with repairs. So, either way, it’s a no-brainer when considering water and air sealing.

This, however, all comes down to choosing the right specialists. Étanchéite Totale prides themselves in doing the job right the first time. When you need to fix something as important (and difficult to get to) as a foundation, you must be rest assured that the job will be done with utmost care. Étanchéite Totale will tend to all your water and air sealant needs with extreme dedication, because the foundation of their company is based on trust — and with that, they continue to build a reliable reputation.

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